Plastic Surgery In Pune

Plastic surgery is one of the many surgical specialities which deals with reconstructing, restoring, and altering the damaged parts of the human body. The department of plastic surgery is a combination of art and science skills. The multi-faceted branch covers all aspects of surgery, including cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, hand surgery, Craniofacial surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Burns and General Plastic Surgery treatment.

It is a field dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burn, or severe diseases. Many of the cosmetic surgery procedures focus on enhancing the visual appearance of the human body. Our plastic surgeon in Pune recommends cosmetic surgery to patients who are not so happy with their looks and are looking for a medium to fix certain body parts to achieve a perfect looking body.

Our services for plastic surgery in Pune include:

  • Rhinoplasty: To fix a defected or unpleasing nose through a surgical method
  • Facelift Surgery: To overcome anti-ageing symptoms and look younger than the actual age
  • Lip Surgery: To alter the visual appearance of your lips and make your smile look fuller
  • Liposuction: To tone your body and get rid of extra fat, you failed to get rid of through exercise and diet.
  • Abdominoplasty: To enhance your abdominal region and make it appear more attractive
  • Breast Surgery: To increase or decrease the size of your breast and give it a fuller appearance.

At Deccan Clinic, we deliver world-class treatments for patients who are looking for options to enhance their appearance or get rid of any facial deformities that negatively impact their confidence and happiness. Our expert surgeons and accomplished team of professionals will first examine your case before recommending any treatment to deliver you satisfactory results. Book your appointment today for the best plastic surgery in Pune at Deccan Clinic.