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Breast Augmentation in Pune

Breast augmentation surgery is the aesthetic enhancement of a woman’s breasts to suit her natural body contours or achieve perfect symmetry. Though it is medically termed augmentation mammoplasty, you may commonly know it as a boob job. Our cosmetic surgeons at Deccan Clinic are highly experienced in performing technologically driven breast implant surgery in India customized to suit every individual patient’s needs and expectations.

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When To Opt For A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Our plastic surgeons typically recommend modern breast augmentation treatments to women who have:

Who Can Opt For A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Being an elective cosmetic treatment, breast enlargement treatment is an entirely personal choice that should not be opted for under external pressure or influence. You must be psychologically prepared and aware of the alterations caused by this surgery to your body. Breast surgeons who perform breast augmentation in India would consider the following factors to judge your candidacy for this surgery.

How To Prepare For A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Before your breast enlargement surgery, you’ll be thoroughly evaluated for physical and mental fitness. Our surgeons will ask you to discuss every detail about your past surgeries, medical conditions, and ongoing medications to make necessary adjustments to your treatment. 

If you’re planning to have a child in the future, you must inform the surgeon about your plans so that they can alter the surgery such that you can breastfeed with your implants intact without any complications.

You may also have to undergo a psychological evaluation to ensure that it is your sole decision to have your breast enhanced for a rational reason.

To decide the type of implants, our surgeon will conduct a sizing session where you’re provided with various dummy implant sizes that you can insert in your bra and judge which size best fits your expectations.

Remember to arrange for someone who can drive you to and from our clinic for surgery and the follow-ups.

How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Deccan Clinic is equipped with high-tech surgical rooms and expert plastic surgeons to ensure that you get the safest breast implant surgery in India right here in Pune.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia so that you feel no pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Considering all the requirements of your procedure, the surgeon will create a unique incision in either of the following areas around the breasts:

Through the incision, the surgeon will make a pocket-like space either in front or behind the chest muscles, enough to fit the implant.

The selected implants will be carefully placed in these breast pockets and allowed to spread and remove any air gap.

Finally, the incision will be closed with a suture, and the entire chest region will be fortified with surgical bandages.

Since it is a daycare surgery, you can leave in a few hours after observation.

What Can I Expect After Having A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Irrespective of where you get your breast enlargement treatment in Pune, wearing the breast support gear is extremely vital for prompt and risk-free recovery. Gauze dressings and an elastic bandage, or a support bra should be around your breasts until instructed to be removed. 

You’ll have to follow a medication course schedule of antibiotics and painkillers along with some activity modifications. 

Your breasts will be sensitive to touch or jarring movements, so to be on the safe side, any kind of strenuous activity like exercising or lifting weights is prohibited for the first six weeks. This includes not lifting your toddlers, grocery bags, or any household chore that involves bending and lifting heavy objects.

You must also avoid any activity that can potentially increase your heart rate until your breasts are completely healed. 

If your job doesn’t involve physical movements, the surgeon may let you drive a car and get back to work in a few weeks with proper precautions.

How To Find The Right Breast Surgeon For Your Breast Implant Surgery In India?

The accuracy and safety of a breast augmentation mainly depend on the surgical experience and adeptness of your plastic surgeon. Hence, it is crucial to be knowledgeable of the factors that can help you assess a plastic surgeon and decide whether he would be the right surgeon for your unique case. Here are some essential questions that’ll help you narrow down your list of best cosmetic surgeons to get a breast enlargement treatment from:

Frequently Asked Questions :

India is known to provide the best surgical options for breast augmentation at the lowest costs worldwide.

The top hospitals for breast augmentation in India can cost anywhere between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. And any breast surgeon in Pune with extensive skills and experience will charge you anywhere between Rs. 1,25,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 inclusive of all costs.

It is crucial to have a clear idea of exactly how big you want your breasts to be before surgery.

And of course, you’ll find a few DIY techniques for making fake breast implants at home and judging the implant size you want through trial and error on the internet.

But as mentioned earlier, Deccan clinic offers a sizing session where you’re provided with a range of dummy implants that you can insert in your bra and judge which size best fits your expectations.

Modern implant products are meant to last for a lifetime. Deccan Clinic chooses the best implants, free from leakage or ruptured texture for your comfort and good health. However, it is advisable to have your implants routinely checked by our surgeon once every year.

Yes, you’ll be able to easily breastfeed after having the surgery, provided that you inform the surgeon about your pregnancy plans before the surgery. Although breast augmentation surgeries seldom interfere with the breastfeeding process, if the surgeon is informed beforehand, they can skillfully place the incision and the implant at a position where it won’t bother the process at all.

Women after breast augmentation and lift surgery have shown a notable increase in their self-esteem and how they carry themselves in public places. Even though a breast implant doesn’t impact a woman’s routine life on a significant scale, it is found that women felt more aroused and sexually active after having their breast augmentation surgery.