Breast Problems Women Face During Menopause

Breast Changes During Menopause

Breast changes are normal during menopause. Women may observe some common changes such as tenderness, sagginess, dull aches, or lost firmness. The hormonal changes in a woman during perimenopause (phase just before menopause) or menopause may cause these symptoms to occur. Some researchers also link the breast changes to the menstrual cycle during perimenopause.

Breast Problems During Menopause
Breast Problems During Menopause

As a natural aging process, women face some common problems during the menopausal phase. Those are as follows: 

Women are at a greater risk of developing cysts or cancers in the breast after menopause. Therefore, they must be vigilant and check for themselves in front of the mirror for any lump, uneven size, or observe shooting pain in breasts. 

Almost all women face one or the other breast problems. Hence, suspecting any unusual symptoms or breast problems during menopause, one must consult our doctor’s team and obtain a mammogram test.