Breast Cysts & Lumps

Women often develop different types of lumps in their breasts throughout their life. A lump can be described as an unusual growth that may or may not cause fluid discharges and pain. The major cause of these lumps is their menstrual cycle and the fat tissue changes that breasts undergo as they age. In most cases, the lumps are benign (non-cancerous), and solid lumps are a temporary accumulation of fat and glandular tissues.

Breast Cysts _ Lumps
Common Features Of Benign Breast Lumps/Discharge
When To See A Breast Surgeon

While the above symptoms are benign, it is important to know the signs you may need to seek proper breast lump treatment in Pune. Some of these signs include:

Breast Lump Diagnosis

Breast lumps are typically diagnosed by a breast surgeon through clinical exams and investigations:

  • Mammograms: A special X-ray machine that scans your breasts from different angles and produces different images.
  • Breast Ultrasound: Ultrasound imaging helps in detecting if the lump is liquid or solid.
  • Breast MRIs: MRI scans offer more details of the lump’s shape, location, and size.
  • Breast Biopsy: Here, the doctor uses one of the various needle extraction methods to take small amounts of tissue samples from the lump or nearby breast tissues for lab examination.

Our breast surgeon often suggests observing a small lump or a cyst for some time before considering its treatment if they are linked with menstrual cycles. However, if the lump or cyst causes pain, irritation, clothing issues, or reoccurs after draining, the surgeon may suggest an invasive procedure to remove it permanently.  

To avoid the need to undergo more severe and invasive breast lump or cyst surgery in Pune or any other city, our breast surgeon highly recommends getting regular breast check ups at Deccan Clinic.