Liver Cancer treatment Pune

The liver is the largest internal organ that plays a crucial role in our digestive system and is linked to many other abdomen organs. Hence, apart from developing cancer, the liver also carries a high risk of being infected by cancers originating from its connected organs, such as the intestine, breast, pancreas, stomach, lung, ovaries, etc. 

If cancer originates from the liver, it is termed ‘Primary Cancer,’ whereas if the tumor cells have metastasized into the liver, it is considered ‘Secondary Cancer.

Liver cancer
Causes :

Liver cancers are mostly caused by


Blood tests: These tests help reveal certain liver abnormalities that indicate cancer.

Digital Imaging: Techniques such as ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI help visually inspect changes in the liver.

Liver Biopsy: A small part of the liver is removed and checked for cancerous cells.


Our gastroenterologist in Pune will diagnose the patient’s condition thoroughly before suggesting a combination of treatments. In the case of liver cancer, you may be suggested to undergo Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), along with or before minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery depending on the stage of cancer. At Deccan Clinic, our team of oncologists works closely to offer the most effective treatment course to every patient.