Breast reduction in Pune

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure for reshaping female breasts to be relatively proportionate with their figure and relieve the lifestyle problems they cause. These problems include severe back pain and discomfort, hindrance in routine activities such as sleeping, lifting, bending, and psychological issues.

The breasts usually become overgrown due to a medical effect known as macromastia, where excess fat, glandular tissues, and skin accumulate in and around the breasts.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Get a Beast Reduction?

Ideally, any adult woman who suffers the following problems due to the size and weight of their breasts can opt for breast reduction surgery:

Note that women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to have a child may not be allowed to have this surgery. If you have any specific health problems, our breast surgeon and plastic surgeons in Pune would be the right persons to consult and know if you’re a candidate.

How Is Breast Reduction Performed?

Our surgeons use a combination of liposuction and open breast reduction technique, to perform breast reduction. You may be sedated with general anesthesia .

The long rod-like liposuction device is inserted through the incision and placed around the breast fat. It breaks down epithelial cells and the fat, which is extracted with a suction pump. Then, the surgeon may perform skin excision techniques to reshape the skin and the nipple for the new breast size.

Finally, the new breast skin is supported with multiple layers of sutures at different points around the breasts.

Since it is a complex plastic surgery, your breast surgeon’s total experience and expertise will majorly affect the treatment outcomes. This is why Deccan Clinic has highly adept and renowned breast and plastic surgeons in Pune’s cosmetic healthcare industry.