Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer contributes to almost 3% to 6% of all cancer cases in India, affecting more men than women. It is the 7th most common type of cancer that usually starts in the pharynx, the part from behind the nose to the base of the neck, or other throat parts, including the voice box, the vocal cords, lymph nodes, and tonsils.

Our throat cancer specialist in Pune suggests that consumption of tobacco products is a major contributor to male throat cancer cases.

Throat Cancer
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer – in the part of the throat just behind the nose
  • Oropharyngeal cance –  in the part behind your mouth that including the tonsils
  • Hypopharyngeal cancer –  in the lower part of the throat above the oesophagus and windpipe
  • Glottic cancer in the vocal cords

Throat cancers are typically named after the specific region they develop in, which include:


Our cancer surgeon in Pune may resort to a combination of the following diagnostic procedures to detect throat cancer.

  • Endoscopy: using an endoscopic video camera to view the inner throat surface and oesophagus.
  • Imaging Tests: using CT scans, PET scans, or MRIs to diagnose physical changes in the throat.
  • Biopsy: extracting some tissues from the throat site and testing for the presence of cancer cells.

Based on the location, stage, and causes of your throat cancer, our oncologists will devise a unique strategy for your threat cancer treatment in Pune at our clinic. Cancer tumours that have not metastasized, i.e., haven’t spread to other parts, can be removed effectively with minimally invasive throat surgery. 

Considering the extent of damage, the surgeon may also choose to partially or completely remove parts of the throat, voice box, or lymph nodes through surgeries known as Laryngectomy, pharyngotomy, and neck dissection, respectively.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy also play a huge role in eliminating cancers. We suggest consulting one of our throat cancer surgeons in Pune to understand the entire treatment process.