Breast Development Anomalies In Adolescents

Breast growth is an important aspect of physical development in young adolescent girls at the time of puberty. It takes years for full breast development, however, overweight girls often develop breasts faster. Girls may face pain and irritation when breasts erupt in the initial developmental phase.

Breast development anomalies in adolescents often go unnoticed. However, it may bother girls in their late adolescence, and they might feel inferior to their peers. We help such girls concerned with breast development with our apt breast treatment in Pune.

Developmental Anomalies In Young _ Adolescent Girls
Breast Development Anomalies In Adolescents We Treat

We provide an exhaustive breast anomaly treatment for conditions like:

  • Amastia (absent breast) 
  • Amazia (absent nipple)
  • Asymmetry
  • Breast masses, cysts, lumps, tumours, lumps, etc
  • Under or overdeveloped structures
  • Inverted nipple
  • Micromastia ( small breast development)
  • Macromastia
Our Approach To Care

The treatment procedures might seem awkward to young girls, so we urge parents to support their child’s interest after thoroughly diagnosing their breast condition and suggest the right surgery. Our compassionate team of plastic surgeons is adept in handling a vast range of breast anomaly cases and with utmost care.  We not only offer successful surgeries but also provide caring tips and schedule follow-up appointments to monitor their development post-treatment. 

In some cases, a lump development in the breast may also cause uneven breasts. We recommend proper diagnostic tests. Our scientific, caring, and diagnosis-based approach has earned the trust of thousands of female patients who desire quality breast treatment in Pune.