Breast Problems In The Elderly

As we age, the body changes naturally. Breasts, as significant body parts, also change due to hormonal and skin changes. Age-related changes in breasts are usually not harmful and are part of the natural ageing process. However, risks related to tissue growth development such as cysts, and cancer increase with age progression. Therefore, one must take a self-assessment of breasts by standing in front of the mirror and checking for any unusual lump, discoloration, or change in the breasts.

Breast Problems In The Elderly
Breast Problems In The Elderly

The elderly may face the following issues with breast changes:


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Why Do Breasts Change As Women Age?

As women age, breast changes in size, shape, and texture for the following reasons

  • Low Oestrogen(Hormone) Levels – With higher age the oestrogen secretion in the body reduces, and fewer secretions lead to the shrinking of mammary glands in breasts. As a result, the reduced space is filled with fat that makes breasts tender, flattened.
  • Skin Changes– Ageing causes the skin to loosen and develop creases. The breast’s skin also suffers skin changes due to ageing, causing poor elasticity, texture, and tone.
  • Breast Tissue Growth – The chances of developing the growth of breast tumours increase with higher age. Other types of tissue growth include cysts.
Breast Problems In The Elderly

The elderly may face the following issues with breast changes:

  • Increased risk of breast lumps and tumours 
  • Flattened breasts 
  • Widening of the gap between breasts
  • Social and emotional implications
  • Low self-esteem