Acute Pancreatitis

The pancreas is an organ located behind the stomach that synthesizes protein and aids the digestion process. The pancreas release hormones that regulate sugar levels. But sometimes, it becomes inflamed and painful spontaneously; a condition called acute pancreatitis.


The symptoms of acute pancreatitis are:


The symptoms of acute pancreatitis are:


Since the symptoms are too common, tests are performed to confirm acute pancreatitis. 

Blood tests can be done to check the blood level of amylase and/or lipase, which are enzymes made in the pancreas.

An ultrasound scan may be performed to rule out gallstones, as this happens in most cases. Other digital imaging techniques may also be used if required.


Our gastroenterologist in Pune suggests different types of treatments for acute pancreatitis depending on the severity of the patient’s bouts. 

For mild pain and other symptoms, painkiller pills or injections may be recommended. A nasogastric tube may be used to drain out stomach fluids or feed liquid food to the patient.

If the symptoms become severe, surgery may be required either to remove gallstones, the infected part of the pancreas, or to remove the gallbladder.