Esophageal Cancer In Pune

The oesophagus, popularly known as the food pipe, is a hollow pipe structure extending from throat to stomach, allowing the food and drinks to pass through it.  It helps in swallowing chewed food through peristalsis (series of alternate contractions and relaxation wave-like movement in the throat). When the cancer is caused by this part, it is named esophageal cancer. 

Esophageal cancer ranks sixth in terms of cancer deaths. It is most prevalent in communities where smoking, drinking, or tobacco consumption is a common trait.

Esophageal Cancer

Cancer is caused by mutations of cells and sudden mass growth at a particular site. Though the exact cause is unknown,  its occurrence can still be associated with tobacco, drinking excess alcohol, and cancer prevalence in the family.

  • Primary physical examination using precision tools
  • X-ray with a Barium swallow study
  • A biopsy of an esophageal part suspected of cancer
  • Endoscopy using a camera inserted in the throat to investigate the internal esophageal structure

Esophageal cancer treatment includes:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted Drug Therapy
  • Immunotherapy

Our oncologist in Pune examines a patient’s cancer stage thoroughly before suggesting a combination of these treatments. In case you witness any of the above-mentioned cancer symptoms, consult our oncologist without delay.