Endocrine Cancer Treatment in Pune

The endocrine system comprises glands that act as messengers, stimulating organs to perform a specific function. The glands release certain hormones into the bloodstream that reaches the target organ, delivering instructions regarding what exactly the organ has to do. The endocrine system controls various bodily functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, mood, etc.

When sudden changes called mutation come in the endocrine glands, the cell starts cell explosion, leading to mass accumulation on the endocrine gland/glands. In most cases, the masses are benign or non-cancerous, but they may suddenly mutate and change to cancerous cells. Early diagnosis can help with early treatment for prevention. In most cases, the cancer surgeon in Pune shall remove the cancerous part of the gland to contain the spread of cancer and remove cancer. 


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Endocrine cancers are rare, but thyroid gland cancer is one of the most common types of endocrine cancer. It is better to know the symptoms, causes, and treatments to cease cancer in the most recessive stage.

Causes Of Endocrine Cancer

Though cancer is caused by mutation that can happen anytime in any person, still some causes  trigger cancer, namely:

Types Of Endocrine Cancer
  •  Thyroid – It is called the butterfly gland located in the neck. Though most of the tumors are non-cancerous, still thyroid gland cancer is one of the most common cancers, and comparatively, it is prevalent among women.
  • Pituitary – It is a pea-shaped gland located in the brain that produces growth and reproductive hormones. 
  • Adrenal- A pair of glands located above kidneys that help in regulating metabolism.
  • Pancreas– It is a gland that regulates sugar levels and helps in digestion.

The above are different glands, the mass growth on which causes tumors that may or may not be cancerous.


Some of the symptoms of endocrine glands include


The endocrine cancers are diagnosed by :


There are different approaches to treat different types of endocrine cancer. Treatment depends on the grade or the extent of the spread of cancer. The cancer surgeon in Pune may provide surgery to remove the cancerous part of the endocrine gland. The oncologist may administer other treatments such as chemotherapy, in which drugs are given to shrink cancer. The doctors may also treat cancer by radiation or immunotherapy which is subject to suitability and best treatment applied to treat cancer.