Breast reconstruction Pune

In many cases, breast cancer treatment requires partial or complete removal of breasts, which has a physiological and psychological impact on women. Breast reconstruction surgery is a post-surgery followed after mastectomy or lumpectomy (Breast removal or removal of lumps from breasts) to reform or reshape breasts.

There are two types of breast reconstruction surgery. The surgeon may use either of them or even both in some cases, to recreate the optimal breast shape and size.

Type 1: Based Breast Surgery

The surgeons use silicone implants and insert them underneath the breast skin and muscles, in the place of removed breast fat. Typically, the process proceeds in two steps. In the First step, the surgeon places a tissue expander made of saline solution underneath the skin, which later expands and conforms to the shape in the tissues. Once the person heals, the surgeon injects a sterile saline injection in the expander on a weekly basis so that the muscle and tissue expand like a balloon, until the breast reaches a size comfortable to bear.

In The next step, the surgeon removes the expander and replaces them with silicon implants in its place.

In some cases, the surgeon places silicone implants at the time of mastectomy in order to reduce one step in the process.

Type 2: Autologous flap Breast Reconstruction

In the second type of surgery, the surgeon extracts skin layers with or without blood vessels from other parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, legs, etc. Typically, the flap of skin is picked up from the abdomen and placed onto the intended site of breast reconstruction surgery. The surgeons do the procedure diligently and also require a microscope for joining micro-shaped blood vessels from the cluster of tissues. This process ends up with multiple visits and multiple procedures to get the desired shape.

How To Decide Whether To Take Up A Reconstruction Surgery

Typically, the decision for taking up reconstruction surgery is a personal choice. Many mourn the loss of breast symmetry and shape and feel distressed with other consequences of breast removal. Hence, doctors advise having a reconstruction surgery to reestablish the confidence of these women.

The surgeons consider various factors for reconstruction surgery.