Breast lift surgery in Pune

A breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy surgery, is done to reshape breasts to give them the desired contour for a firm and appealing look. In the procedure of breast lift surgery, the excess skin and fatty tissues from the enlarged breast are trimmed and reshaped to raise the breasts and make them firm.

Though it won’t significantly change the size of the breast, breast lift surgery gives the breast a reduced appearance. Also, our surgeons may suggest combining breast lift surgery procedures with other breast augmentation techniques through surgery to offer you the best breast surgery in Pune.

Breast lift surgery
When Is The Breast Lift Surgery Recommended Or When Can Women Opt for Breast Surgery?

Most women do not know about breast lift surgery or breast enhancement procedure. However, our friendly and compassionate team of surgeons provides the best guidance to ladies in choosing the surgery and ensures that they are a good candidate before recommending it. 

Women can opt for breast lift surgery in Pune for the following reasons

How Our Breast Surgeon In Pune Does The Breast Lift Surgery Procedure?

Breast surgery is a brief surgery requiring a surgeon’s expertise in performing the surgery. The surgeon often prepares for the surgery, considering medical history, skin problems, bleeding history, etc. The surgeon may also ask for scanning tests or mammograms to observe any malignant or non-malignant tumor in breasts. On finding things at par, our breast surgeon proceeds with surgery. The surgery concludes in the following steps:

  • The surgeon will make surgical marks on breasts in the standing position.
  • After marking, the patient will be asked to lie on the bed, and the patient will be given anesthesia to numb the surgical site.
  • Then, the surgeon makes an incision from the areolar section down towards the crease of the breast line.
  • The surgeon incises out the extra tissues and skin to reshape breasts and give them a firm appearance. The surgeon also adjusts nipples size and projection and replaces them in the right position of newly formed breasts.
  • The surgeon may correct the areolar size and shape by minimizing them.
  • Finally, the breast surgeon closes the incision with the help of sutures and marking tapes.

Breast lift surgery or breast augmentation surgery has really helped our patients boost their confidence and beauty.

To know if this surgery can help you in the same way, consult our best breast surgeon in Pune now!