Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Problems

Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy undoubtedly completes a woman and gives them a sense of accomplishment. But women go through various problems right from their first trimester in pregnancy until the breastfeeding phase. Hence, it is crucial to be aware of the complications of having a child and always consult a specialist for any issue that might occur.

Many women suffer both mental and physical issues, most of which arise while in pregnancy.  Therefore, it is very important that couples consciously decide when to get pregnant and consult with a doctor to seek the best health care advice in pregnancy for both mother and the baby.

Pregnancy _ Breastfeeding Problems
Breastfeeding Problems

Mother’s milk is essential to a newborn as it contains all vital nutrients for a baby’s nourishment and development and protects the baby from allergies, sickness, and obesity. Still, mothers often visit our doctors with the following breastfeeding problems: