Pediatric Plastic
Surgeries In Pune

Some plastic surgeries are more commonly performed in kids for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes. In fact, most of the aesthetic deformities that occur in children often cause medical issues. So plastic surgery can be recommended to deal with both aspects simultaneously. The primary goal of plastic surgeries in kids is similar to that of adults, improving functionality and confidence.

Different Types Of Plastic Surgeries In Children:

A majority of pediatric plastic surgeries are performed to correct congenital, i.e., congenital disabilities. However, it may also be suggested to treat a trauma scar. The common pediatric problems that our plastic surgeons in Pune treat include:

● Cleft lip and Palate: These are the most common congenital disabilities affecting 1 in every 700-1000 children. They occur as a cut or opening in the upper lip or in the inner palate that separates the oral parts from the nasal parts. Cleft lips are hereditary in 25% of the cases, while others occur due to genetic or incidental factors.

Syndactyly: It is another common congenital malformation in the limbs where some or all of the fingers or toes are fused together. The fusion may occur in the phalanges or the superficial skin. This greatly hampers the mobility and routine life of a child.

Polydactyly: Here, the child is born with an extra finger or toe of varying sizes and shapes. These extra fingers are often not considered a problem unless they cause functional problems or have an odd appearance.

Craniosynostosis: It is a serious congenital abnormality originating from the central nervous system where one or more of the fibrous joints in the skull undergoes premature ossification, i.e., fusion. This fusion distorts the natural structural growth of the skull, leading to severe complications in the cerebral nerves and tissues.

General Pediatric Plastic Surgery:

These are surgeries performed to correct unique deformities in a child, including moles, cysts, tumors, burns, accidental injuries, complex wounds, and vascular malformations.

At Deccan Clinic, our Plastic surgeon in Pune considers a child’s individual health, age, body growth, and several such factors to suggest the optimal time and technique for plastic surgery. They receive specialized training in managing the psychological and physical health of kids in the long term. If your child is born with any deformities, you must consult our pediatric surgeons for early treatment.