Lip Augmentation Surgery in Pune

Lip Augmentation is the cosmetic treatment for increasing the size of the lips to make them more plumper and elegant. Either one or both lips can be augmented via fillers and fat injections.

Both women and men use this technique for improving the contour and fullness of their lips. Some of the augmentation procedures involve inserting natural or synthetic fillers within the lips while some other methods manipulate the existing tissues within the lip to reshape it.

Process procedure lip augmentation in professional salon.
Lip Augmentation Techniques :
1. Filler Injections

The most common filler injections used for lip augmentation today are Dermal fillers. These fillers contain substances made from ‘hyaluronic acid’ which is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Often known as ‘Hyaluronic acid fillers’ they help increase the volume of the lips while subtly defining their shape and structure. Their effect typically lasts for around six months, but some other dermal fillers also provide permanent results. Collagen is a widely known dermal filler which is used for various cosmetic filling treatments.

2. Fat Injections:

Injecting natural body fat is another way of improving lip volume. The fat content is usually extracted from the abdomen or thigh regions of the body. Injecting processed body fat into the lips is equally effective & long-lasting for around 2 -3 years. However, you may need to take another injection after a few months for touchup purposes. You might also have to repeat the procedure after 2-3 years for reaugmentation.

Lip Augmentation Procedure :
The Appearance and Durability of Lip Augmentation :

Our expert surgeons can better guide you through the various options and techniques for augmenting your lips to ensure you get the best lip augmentation surgery in Pune.