Facelift Surgery in Pune

Facelift surgery is a cosmetic treatment performed for raising and tightening the facial skin to eliminate any excessive, loose and wrinkly parts. Technically known as ‘Rhytidectomy,’ it primarily aims at rectifying signs of ageing by tightening and relocating the stretched and droopy facial muscles and removing excess fat deposits.

This surgery targets the neck, chin, cheeks and temporal regions and during the operation, a flap of skin from either side of the face is stretched backwards. The tissues below the skin are surgically altered to recreate the contour of a youthful face. A neck lift (Platysmaplasty) may also be performed as part of this surgery to reduce fat deposits and sagging skin around the neck.

Close-up of doctor examining female patients face for cosmetic treatment
Facelift Procedure :
After the Surgery :