Breast Asymmetry Correction Pune

Uneven breasts are common. Infact, 50% of females have uneven breasts. In most cases, the asymmetry is 15 to 20% which is not noticeable and hence not a matter of concern. But sometimes raised and unevenly projected breasts may concern ladies, taking a toll on their emotional health. Asymmetric breast correction surgery can help women overcome their consciousness towards uneven breasts.

Aim Of Asymmetric Breast/Breasts Correction Surgery

The asymmetric breast reconstruction surgery aims to make both breasts symmetric, balanced,  fuller, and firm. In the procedure, the surgeon might have to take the below steps to ascertain positive surgical results.

Use Breasts Implants

Our surgeon may opt to insert synthetic silicon-based implants for enhancing the breast’s appearance and give them a fuller look.

Areolar Surgery

The surgeon may adjust the areolar size while adjusting the nipples’ alignment on the breasts. In most cases requiring a breast correction, the uneven areola is a common problem, which surgeons correct while reconstructing breasts.

Correct Nipples Projection And Alignment

Uneven nipples’ projection accounts for  50% of cases of uneven breast. In most cases, the alignment or the size is not equal but does not bother because it is not noticeable. In asymmetric breast correction surgery, surgeons correct nipples by repositioning them in the right place.

Correct Nipples Projection And Alignment

The surgeon may opt for breast lift, breast enhancement, or breast reduction, whichever is best suitable for asymmetric breast correction. The surgeon may also use a combination of procedures to bring desired results.

What To Expect From The Asymmetric Breast Reconstruction Surgery Procedure
  • You can expect better, fuller, lifted, and symmetric and balanced breasts, making you feel more beautiful and confident.
  • You may expect small scars due to incisions and sutures that will subside naturally after few months.

Our compassionate team understands the worth of privacy; therefore, you can be confident with our safe, effective, and privately done procedures.