Gynecological cancer in Pune

It is a term used for cancer originating in various genitals that are the reproductive parts of a woman. Each gynaecological cancer is different and named after the organ or part of its origin. According to the data of the National  Cancer  Registry Program, about 50% to 60% of cancers found in women are found in four major organs namely, breast, cervix uteri, corpus uteri, and ovaries. India’s National Cancer Control Program emphasises early detection of cancers to ensure a quality treatment that increases chances of survival. Major surgeries are done by a cancer surgeon in Pune. 

Types of Gynecological Cancers include:

Each type of cancer is different and exhibits different signs and symptoms. Early detection helps in better treatment therefore it is important to know your body well and watch out for symptoms.

1. Cervical Cancer

This cancer originates in the cervix. The cervix connects the vagina to the uterus. It is typically caused by papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted virus (HPV). 


The cervical screening test helps in diagnosis. The Screening can be done after 25 years of age to prevent cancer consequences.

2. Uterine Cancer

When cancer grows in the uterus, it is termed uterine cancer. There are two types of uterine cancer, one that grows in the inner lining cells called endometrial cancer, and the other is called sarcomas.


There is no clear test to specify this cancer. Hence, it is important to observe the symptoms and talk to your gynaecologist or an oncologist regarding the changes observed.

3. Ovarian Cancer

When cancer develops in one or both the ovaries, it is termed ovarian cancer. The ovaries release eggs or hormones that are essential to the female reproductive system.


A screening test may not be a sure-shot solution, and hence, it is important to let your gynaecologist know after noticing any of the above symptoms.

4. Fallopian Tube Cancer

Fallopian tube cancer occurs in one or both the tubes that connect ovaries to the uterus.


Keep an eye out for these symptoms and let your doctor know to further probe into the matter.

5. Vulvar Cancer

It appears in the external genital. The symptoms include


Screening may help. Women must observe the symptoms and consult the doctor on the onset of any major changes.


The treatment for various gynaecological cancer is done as per cancer treatment, appearing throughout the body. The treatments include:

  • Surgery– Our cancer surgeon in Pune will remove the cancerous part in the operation.
  • Radiation– High energy rays equivalent to X-rays are used to kill cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy– In this treatment, the doctors give drugs to shrink cancer cells.

We urge women to take care of their gynaecological health while taking care of their families. Early detection of cancer can save a life, so be alert and know your body well.