Stomach Cancer Treatment In Pune

Stomach cancers are also known as gastric cancers, can emerge anywhere from the gastroesophageal junction to the pylorus of the stomach. But they mostly occur in the stomach body or the gastroesophageal junction. The cancer cells usually grow in the inner lining of the stomach due to various risk factors.

Pictorial representation of Stomach cancer

Though the exact cause is still unknown, some researchers indicate some risk factors that lead to sudden DNA mutations responsible for causing stomach cancer. 

A mutation in the lining cell causes it to divide rapidly without dying or being replaced. This uncontrolled division of cells creates tumors that can invade other tissues and spread to other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Some of the risk factors that may cause cancer includes.

  •  Endoscopy– a small camera-mounted endoscope is inserted through the mouth to check the esophagus and stomach of cancerous cells.
  • Biopsy– A small part of the suspected tissue or fluid is extracted from the stomach.
  • Imaging Tests–  Some imaging tests such as X-rays and CT scans help in visually detecting cancer tumors.
  • Blood tests– To indicate the organ functions and check the levels of different elements.

The different surgical treatment options for stomach cancer include:

  • Laparoscopic surgery: to remove the tumors in the inner lining of the stomach. 
  • Partial Gastrectomy: to remove the damaged part of the stomach and relief the cancer symptoms.
  • Total Gastrectomy: to remove the entire stomach body and connect the esophagus directly to the small intestine.

Apart from surgery, our gastroenterologist and oncologist in Pune may suggest a combination of targeted drug therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy to destroy any remains of cancer cells. It would be best to directly consult our oncologist to know the right treatment options.