What Are The Different Cancer Treatment Options?

Any form of surgery is performed mainly due to three reasons – Examine, remove and repair the damaged body part. A cancer surgery removes the tumour and nearby affected tissue during the operation. There can be many reasons to perform cancer surgery, such as:
  • To diagnose cancer
  • To find out where in the body is cancer located
  • To examine if cancer has spread or affecting the other organs in terms of functionality
  • To remove the entire or part of the tumour affected body part
  • To address the side effects
  • To restore the body’s function and appearance
At Deccan Clinic, we offer world-class cancer treatment in Pune, equipped with the latest infrastructure and facility. We educate the patients about their medical health and what to expect during and after cancer surgery. Therefore, our cancer surgeon in Pune organizes a session with the patient before recommending them the further treatments. Depending on your medical history, current health condition, and medical reports, our doctors might suggest one of the following procedures:
1) Curative Surgery: It is often considered the primary treatment and performed to remove the cancerous tumour from the body. Surgeons perform this surgery when cancer gets confined to a specific area.
2) Preventive Surgery: This surgery is performed to remove the tissues that might not be cancerous but can develop into malignant tumour over time.
3) Diagnostic Surgery: Diagnostic surgery is performed to determine whether the cells are cancerous. It consists of removing a tissue sample and examining it in a laboratory to diagnose the type of cancer and discover it’s a stage.
4) Staging Surgery: It is performed to examine up to what extent has the cancer spread inside your body. A device called a Laparoscope is inserted inside the patient’s abdomen to view the inside of the abdomen and remove the tissue samples is required.
5) Debulking Surgery: The debulking surgery is performed to remove a portion of the cancerous tumour. Such type of surgery gets recommended when removing the entire cancerous cells might damage any body organ. Treatments like chemotherapy may be used after the debulking surgery is performed.
6) Palliative Surgery: It is suggested when the patient has advanced-stage cancer. Palliative surgery is not performed to cure the disease but to ease the discomfort or correct any problem caused due to prior cancer treatments.
7) Supportive Surgery: Supportive surgery also does not cure cancer but ensure the other cancer treatments work effectively. It involves procedures such as inserting a catheter to help with chemotherapy results.
8) Restorative Surgery: Such type of surgery is recommended to restore a patient’s appearance or body functions. For example, women who have breast cancer required breast reconstruction surgery to restore its shape and size.
9) Laser Surgery: It is the most precise form of surgery and recommended when your surgeon needs to treat the areas of your body that are difficult to reach such as skin, larynx, cervix, and rectum.
Deccan Clinic is one of the leading cancer treatment centers. Book your appointment to know more about our services, treatments, and consultation program. We ensure our patients get the right care and support to achieve the desired treatment result.

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