Warning Signs of Cancer -An Exhaustive List of Cancer Signs One Should Not Ignore

Warning Signs of Cancer

According to NCBI, in 2020, precisely  1,392,179 cancer patients are recorded in India. The five highest cancer cases are of the lung, cervix, uteri, tongue, and mouth. Cancer is one of the deadliest and insidious diseases that cause death. However, it manifests some common signs, whose awareness can help early diagnosis.

Cancer is when normal cells mutate and divide multiple times without dying out according to the natural cell cycle, and they function differently.

According to our cancer surgeon in Pune, there are almost 100 types of cancer, with some new and evolving types still subjected to research. 

Cancer manifests different symptoms, whose awareness can save a person’s life.

Warning Signs of Cancer

Appetite Loss

From depression to flu, many conditions can lead to temporary appetite loss. But thoracic, lung, colon, stomach, or pancreatic cancer affects natural metabolism and alters the rate of digestion, making you feel too full to finish meals.

Blood in Stool

Cancer bursts may cause blood in the stool. But bleeding may also occur due to GI tract infection, esophagus, intestine or stomach infections, or ulcers. No matter what leads to bleeding, it needs attention and proper diagnosis. The doctor may recommend a scopy.

Extreme Fatigue

The fatigue is different from day-to-day fatigue, and you feel tired for the whole day, even after rest. It happens because the cancer cells utilize the nutritional energy to grow and advance, devoiding healthy cells of energy and nourishment. So if fatigue lasts for several days, it’s best to consult a doctor without delays.


Jaundice is usually caused due to a high level of bilirubin, a yellow-orange bile pigment in the liver. But when cancer cell has spread to the liver or bile ducts, it can also reduce the functions of the liver and increase bilirubin levels in the blood. Jaundice is also considered a symptom of last-stage liver cancer.

Difficulty Swallowing 

Any problem with the gastrointestinal tract can make it difficult to swallow food. But a lump around the mouth or the esophagus could indicate cancerous growth. Such tumor growth usually occurs on the inner lining of the GI tract.

Lump In Abdomen

Most often, a lump in the abdomen is caused by a hernia, which is a part of an abdominal organ protruding out of the muscle wall or through the diaphragm above the intestine. Lipomas and hematomas are other types of lumps that may occur in the abdomen which may or may not be felt apparently. Finally, any tumor growth in an abdominal organ could show similar symptoms. 

Cough that does not go away

Cough in flu lasts for a few days. However, if you have been coughing for more than a week with some red flag signs such as chest pain, hoarseness, fatigue, weight loss, then beware, it could be a sign of lung cancer, and you must seek immediate medical attention. Smokers are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer.


Pain may occur for several reasons, but if it does not go away after treatment, it may indicate cancer. The specific painful symptoms in cancer are probably due to:

  • A tumor growing and pushing against adjacent tissues, organs, causing pain
  • Metastasis, i.e., cancer spreading to other parts from the origin site
  • Chemical release from cancerous cells
Skin changes

Skin usually looks supple and has an even tone, but cancer may change its texture and make it seem dull. Also, if you notice jaundice, i.e., yellowing of skin, eyes, and fingertips for more than a few days, contact a doctor as it may be a sign of cancer.

Further, consult a doctor if you notice a change in shape, size, color, and number of your moles.

Lump in neck

A lump in the neck may occur due to thyroid disorder causing thyroid gland swelling. But such swelling must be diagnosed as it could be a sign of thyroid cancer, neck cancer, or oesophageal cancer.

Excessive weight loss

 It may be a cancer sign if you are losing considerable weight unexpectedly. The cancer cells devour nutrition, energy, and healthy cells, leading to weight loss. Losing more than ten Kgs weight in a month may need attention.


Here are some other warning signs in:

  • Swollen or unequal breasts 
  • Menstruation in between the menstruation cycle
  • Blood in urine, semen
  • Pain in testicles
  • Pain while urinating


Deccan clinic is equipped with medically advanced technology that helps our team of cancer specialists in Pune to diagnose and treat each case properly. So, if you notice any of the above symptoms, consult us.

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