Types Of Breast Asymmetry Or Deformities That Breast Augmentation Can Help Reshape

Types Of Breast Asymmetry Or Deformities That Breast Augmentation Can Help Reshape

Having unevenly sized or misshapen breasts is common. Most ladies have it, which remains unnoticed. Upto 5-10% difference in both the breasts is considered normal and does not cause any major cosmetic deformity. But, significantly asymmetrical breasts or uneven breast projections can make women socially conscious, plunging them away from social life and hampering their self-confidence.  You can visit our breast specialist doctor in Pune to seek advice on breast augmentation or related breast reconstruction procedures.

Women can opt for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction for reasons such as inadequate breasts, breast removal due to cancer or tumor, or physical trauma causing injury to the breast.

What is Breast Reconstruction And Breast Augmentation?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical process to rebuild the breast’s shape. It involves using prosthetics and autologous tissue to reconstruct the breast into the desired shape. It is usually done in cases of breast cancer survivors whose breast/ breasts have been removed.

Whereas breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure for enhancing the breast’s appearance to look bigger and fuller. It is also called breast augmentation mammoplasty. It involves using breast implants under the breast tissue or chest wall muscles.

Types of Breast Asymmetry/Deformity

Not all breast asymmetry concerns women. But some do and lowers women’s self-esteem. Women need to know all types of breast asymmetry and deformity to decide for themselves whether to opt for any procedure or let go and live with a natural appearance.

●       Tubular Breast Deformity

This is a congenital breast deformity in which breasts are tubular or triangular in shape. As a result, they appear saggy and drooping. The correction surgery aims to make the upper portion of the breast more rounded and plump and make the breasts look natural.

●       Breast Asymmetry

 If both the breasts do not look similar and seems different in shape, size or orientation, it is called breast asymmetry. Major breast asymmetry is mostly caused due to congenital deformity and minor breast symmetry happens due to unequal breast feeding from both the breasts.

How does Breast Reconstruction help?

Breast reconstruction is helpful to women in many ways.

  • Women are always concerned about their looks. Asymmetric or defective breasts can make women socially anxious. Breast reconstruction helps women in gaining back confidence through surgery.
  • It is a huge moral and emotional support to breast cancer survivors.


Breast reconstruction or breast augmentation gives ladies the confidence to restore their looks. However, women are sometimes hesitant and shy to get surgery from a male doctor. Our lady breast surgeon in Pune has already done several successful breast augmentation surgeries, so women can get the surgery done within their comfort level.

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