Top 6 Breastfeeding problems and their solutions

Top 6 Breastfeeding problems and their solutions

It is said that breastfeeding is the best gift a mom can give to her baby. It provides all the nutrients to the baby for healthy development and also benefits the mother in various ways. For example, moms who breastfeed have a lower risk of diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer. However, it does not come naturally and can be challenging in the early days. Here are the top six breastfeeding problems and their solutions suggested by the best lady breast surgeon in Pune, Dr. Anupama Mane.


Latching Pain 

Generally, new moms experience some sensitivity, but if you are getting a shooting pain in your breasts every time the baby latches on, it means that the baby isn’t getting a big enough mouthful of the breast at the beginning.

To cure this, make some adjustments like opening the baby’s mouth wide and tipping the head back so that the chin is pressed into the breast and the nose is away from it.



Sometimes a milk duct gets clogged or blocked. It may get unclogged even without your realization, and sometimes, it may not. When it remains clogged for a significant period, bacteria start to build up behind it, causing an infection known as Mastitis. Mastitis can cause a low-grade fever, tenderness around the duct and can make that spot feel warm to the touch.

Mastitis can be cured by putting a warm compress on the area and massaging around it before nursing. Sometimes it may require antibiotics.


Leaking Breast 

Breast leaking is a normal part of the breastfeeding process. Though sometimes it may lead to frustration and even a little embarrassment, it is a good sign, and it means that the milk supply is good. Breasts leak until they become adapted at releasing milk at the precise time. 


Sore and painful nipples 

Sore and painful nipples are caused due to poor breastfeeding latch or when breast pump is used incorrectly. To reduce pain, apply a cool compress to nipples with ice packs. Changing nursing pads frequently, using gel pads, or rinsing with salt water also helps.


Breast Engorgement 

Breasts become hard due to increased milk supply after the delivery, making it hard for the baby to latch. It can be treated by feeding more regularly, by a warm compress, or by massaging the breast while nursing.


Low milk supply

Milk supply is considered low when sufficient breast milk is not being produced to meet your baby’s growth needs. It happens because of poor latching, or not enough breastfeeding. When you nurse or pump more, your body makes more milk. You should stay hydrated and well-nourished while nursing. 


Breastfeeding can be more difficult than you have expected. However, most of the problems can be solved in just a few days. For more consultation, you can visit our clinic, where a team of experts led by the best breast specialist doctor in Pune is always ready to help you out with your queries and problems.

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