Top 6 Advantages Of Breast Reduction

Top 6 Advantages of Breast Reduction

For many women, big breasts can cause many issues, such as pain, abnormally fitting clothes, disproportionate looks, and psychological issues like an inferiority complex. Breast Reduction is a potential solution to heavy breast problems.

Deccan Clinic strives to give you the best results through highly standardised plastic surgeries. Our breast surgeon in Pune specialises in problems and solutions of big breasts. Interestingly, the number of women seeking breast reduction surgery in Pune has increased over the past few years, probably because of the numerous benefits it offers. Some of the benefits of breast reduction surgery are discussed as:

An Array Of Pain Relief 

Large breast is associated with altered postures, reduced mobility, and fat accumulation on shoulders, upper body, back, and breast pain because of tuberous breasts. Breast reduction offers pain relief caused due to large breasts.

Better Contours

Many women have heavier breasts that ruin their overall contours. This directly affects their personal or professional goals. Breast reduction surgery helps to get rid off the excess flabby breast, helping them achieve perfect contours that suit their self-image and career needs.

Improves Appearance

The surgery eliminates excess breast fat and tissues caused due to obesity or post-pregnancy. According to our breast surgeon in Pune, most women feel more confident and beautiful with improved appearance after breast reduction surgery.

Improved Mobility

Large breasts tend to reduce mobility, causing women to skip out of high-impact exercises such as jogging, jumping, dancing, and many more, thereby adversely impacting their weight. Breast reduction surgery reduces their breast volume, and thus, improves mobility, allowing them to carry an intense workout regime.


Better Fitting Clothes

Women with heavy breasts often have a hard time finding the right clothes for them. Breast reduction surgery allows them to fit in a variety of clothes without compromising comfort.

Deccan Clinic constantly strives to enhance women’s beauty and level up our expertise, quality, and facilities to our clients. Reach out to our breast surgeon in Pune to discuss your breast issues confidentially.

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