Things You Should Know Before Opting For Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery in these modern times is influenced a lot by media like Television, Movies, and Newspapers. People, in general, are very keen about it, you know. After all, it’s about getting their appearance enhanced. Now, this may be a part of their self-esteem – to improve that.

But what is important is that people sometimes have very unrealistic expectations from Cosmetic Surgery. They sometimes think that you can probably make somebody a totally different looking person because of, you know, actors switching in the Movies or Television. But that is hardly the truth. Afterall the base is still you, what is worked upon is the surface! There is a limitation to what extent a Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgeon can bring about changes in somebody’s appearance.

One can enhance the beauty of a person. You can make some part of the human body look a lot better than what it was previously. Now the deformation can be from birth or due to an accident or any other tragedy! With some surgeries, you can also change an aged look to a little younger. But all this doesn’t mean you can make somebody look totally different, and that is very important.

For this reason, I think what is important is that Doctors and Patients should have a very good counseling session before the surgeries are undertaken. Patients today, carry unrealistic expectations about Cosmetic Surgery and a good surgeon always knows what the limitations of Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery are. By having these counseling sessions, realistic expectations can be drawn which will make a stronger doctor-patient bond!

So it is very important that both of them sit together where the Doctor tries to understand what the patient expects out of the Aesthetic Surgery and what can be offered. With this, both of them can come to a logical decision as to what can be achieved from the Cosmetic Surgery.
Now you can have, less number of unsatisfied patients and also less number of litigations coming out of Cosmetic Surgery.  

Author: Dr. Vishwanath Jigjinni

(Plastic Surgeon)

M.S, F.R.C.S.

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