Research-Backed Super Foods That May Help Prevent Cancer

Research-Backed Super Foods That May Help Prevent Cancer (2)
Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, and diet plays a substantial role in cancer etiology. According to many cancer specialists in Pune and worldwide, the changed eating habits and food contamination are major concerns for causing cancers. In fact, it has intrigued researchers and the world forums to ponder over contaminants present in food and label them carcinogenic to alert consumers and food quality regulating agencies.
However, researchers have also found the interconnection between food and cancer prevention. A famous quote, “We are what we eat,” means if we eat good and healthy food, we can expect good health. Here is a well-researched list of food items whose consumption can reduce cancer risk.
Turmeric – Turmeric is rich in antioxidants and helps in preventing chronic diseases. Daily turmeric consumption reduces the number and volume of lesions present by 40%. Tumeric is an active Indian kitchen ingredient and must be included in the everyday diet.
Nuts – According to various food and health association forums, nuts contain selenium. Therefore, they are extremely important to supply daily energy, reduce toxins and induce healthy cell production that prevents cardiac and cancer disorders. In research conducted on 20,000 middle-aged cancer patients who included nuts in their diet observed either very slow progression of cancer or reduced risk of cancer in progeny.
Broccoli – is a cruciferous vegetable that contains sulforaphane, which helps in cancer prevention. A higher intake of cruciferous vegetables can reduce cancer risk or lower the cancer progression rate in those diagnosed with cancer.
Carrots – contain beta-carotene that protects cell membranes from toxin damage and may halt cancer progression. Research articulates that its consumption lowers 25% of stomach cancer cases, 20% of prostate cancer cases, and many other cancer cases.
Beans – Beans are high-fiber and protein-rich and thus may prevent and slow down cancer risk by repairing damaged cells. Studies found beans intake reduces the risk of colon cancers and colorectal tumors.
Cinnamon –The research found cinnamon can block the spread of cancer cells. Cinnamon oil is exploited to cure head and neck cancer and reduce tumor size. So, you can include an inch of cinnamon bark in everyday food to turn down cancer risk.
Berries –  contain a high concentration of anthocyanins and antioxidants that is effective for cancer prevention. Berries can be consumed fresh and dried and are equally effective in both versions. The research found its effectiveness to prevent cancerous tumors and reduce cancer risk by 54%.
Though these foods are not assurance to complete prevention from cancers, still healthy diet can cleanse the system and thus prevent cancers to a huge extent. A good diet should be incorporated in concurrence with delineated cancer therapy for cancer patients, and diet change in no perspective means to alternate the cancer treatment. To know more about cancers and cancer treatment, talk to our cancer specialist in Pune.

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