Introduction to Reconstructive Surgery treatments

Reconstructive surgery is a part of Plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty which deals with Restoration, Reconstruction and Alteration of the human body. The common misconception among the general people is that Plastic Surgery is synonym with Cosmetic surgery.

However there are multiple sub-specialties of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can broadly be divided into two sub-specialties:

  • Reconstructive field
  • Cosmetic field

Although here we are saying that Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are two different fields, there is considerable overlap between these two fields.

For example, if you are treating a patient for breast reconstruction after cancer surgery, there is reconstructive element as well as you need to have a cosmetic element to the entire procedure. So therefore to be a good cosmetic surgeon, you need to have good grounds in reconstructive surgery as well.

In Reconstructive surgery, you aim to give form as well as function to the reconstructed organ. This form of surgery maybe done for Congenital Defects like Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, Hypospadias, Hand Anomalies, etc. This type of surgery also plays a major role in trauma patients and burn patients along with Reconstructive Surgery playing an important role in cancer reconstruction, especially for Breast Cancers, Oral Cancers and Head and Neck Cancers.

Author: Dr. Amit Mulay

MBBS, FCPS, DNB (General & Plastic Surgery),
Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon.
International Visiting Scholar CGMH, Taiwan.

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