How To Obtain A Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Result?

So, you are looking for a breast augmentation procedure that offers natural-looking breasts and compliments the shape of your body. Well, before booking an appointment with any breast surgeon in Pune, you should be aware of what to expect from the final product. Breast augmentation surgery is a daunting task to consider. You don’t want to fall for unprofessional treatments that result in artificial-looking breasts or are too round that you get a hard time to follow the natural contours of your physique. 

The trick to achieving a successful and stunning result for breast augmentation is to choose a procedure that complements your figure. At Deccan Clinic, we meet new patients every day who are in search of natural-looking breast augmentation procedures to enhance the shape and size of their breasts through breast implants. But, they also fear not to end up overdoing it that turns out to look fake. Our accomplished and highly professional Breast surgeon, Dr Anupama Mane, is well-known for her expertise, skills, and achieving splendid results for cosmetic breast augmentation in Pune. 

If you are someone looking for natural curves to enhance your physique and body contouring, call Deccan Clinic. We are here to help you achieve the most-desired aesthetics for your breasts. 

Types of Breast Implant Procedures

As we mentioned above, the genuine-looking result for breast augmentation purely depends on what type of procedure you and your surgeon choose. So, here are the types of breast implant procedures that may help you in your decision-making process:

Silicone Breast Implants

As the name suggests, silicone implants are made of silicon Gel. The FDA-approved silicone implants are safest for women age 22 or older. Your doctor may recommend an MRI scan or Ultrasound test to assess the condition of your breast implants from time to time. Discuss your possibilities for silicone breast implants with your surgeon and trust the skills of your surgeon, as they know what works and what not for all body types.

The Talk About Implant Pockets

The implant pocket refers to the capsule of breast tissue inside which the implant gets inserted. It provides shape to the implant and plays a crucial role in determining how your breast augmentation procedure may result after completion. In case the implant pocket is too small, it may cause the breast to look bunched or crimped as the implants get compressed due to lack of space.

Similarly, if the pockets are too large, the implants may appear like floating, leaving the breast look flattened. The shape and size of every implant pocket are pre-determined by the patient’s genetics. There’s little a patient can do to ensure the implants fit correctly and offer perfect shape to the breast. It is the reason why you need to choose the best surgeon for a breast implant in Pune and trust the doctor’s skills.


Did you find your trusted surgeon for breast augmentation surgery? No? Maybe having a frank conversation with Dr Anupama Mane will help you understand the theory behind breast implants and suggest the procedure that retains your breast’s natural form over the lifetime of your chosen implant.

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