Here’s How Deccan Clinic Is Striving To Protect You & Upholding The COVID-19 Precautions

Our staff and specialists have always followed world-class standards and safety guidelines while treating our patients. However, the new coronavirus crisis has created more challenges for managing patients and called for more stringent precautionary measures. And we’ve succeeded in tackling all those challenges by adapting our operations and treatment methods for this pandemic era.

Now that we’re fully functional again, you might still wonder if it’s safe to visit us personally for getting prompt treatments. Well, rest assured that you can! And we’re doing everything we can to prioritize your safety. To give a glimpse of what your clinic visits will be like now, here are some of the essential changes we’ve made in our facility and operations:

Reinvented Interior For Max Safety:

To ensure that everyone moves around our facility without having to worry about distancing and touching continually, we’ve revamped all the interior furnishing and departments such that apt safety measures are maintained even without being aware of it. 

Right from waiting rooms, lobbies to treatment rooms, you’ll find sufficient hygiene and protection gear installed and utilized everywhere. We’ve even increased our cleaning processes and trained our staff thoroughly to guide you during your stay at our clinic.

A Safer Way For Making & Attending Appointments:

We’ve revamped our website and social media accounts to promote easy online appointment bookings and secure payment methods. The appointments will be smartly managed to limit the clinic capacity at every point of time, and you’ll be guided and screened by our staff.

Even if you’re detected with some COVID-19 symptoms, we’ll promptly guide you to the appropriate facility. 

Special Surgical Precautions:

You’ll be tested for COVID-19 before your diagnosis for a surgical treatment. 

Needless to say, our entire staff will be geared with PPE kits, and you’ll also be provided safety gear during your diagnosis. If you are not tested positive for the coronavirus and need immediate surgical assistance, our surgeons will devise the best suitable methodologies for ensuring that you get the safest treatment, and if you’re tested positive, we’ll help you find other facilities that can treat you in your condition.

Making Treatments Available Online:

Our telehealth services have been active for a long time now, but we’re emphasizing our online consultation now more than ever. We’ve improved our telehealth system for easy accessibility and helping patients get fast consultation through video calls and voice calls. 

We ensure that all patient calls and inquires generated online are responded to immediately so you won’t have to waste your time waiting for our response. All our doctors are available for providing consultation online at your convenient timings. All you have to do is visit the Deccan Clinic website and book your slot for online consultation through our portal.

No matter what the scenario is, our treatment standards will never be compromised. Deccan Clinic still stands as one of the best cancer treatment and plastic surgery center in Pune.

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