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Dr Anupama Mane

At Deccan Clinic, we offer Best Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune. We have started a comprehensive breast center which provides specialized services for Preventive Breast Health, Developmental Breast Issues – that teenagers face normally. Pregnancy-related breast infections and Abscess – Pus collections, the Menopausal breast health, all is taken care of.

With this, we also undertake detection and diagnosis of Benign Breast Tumours that are non-cancerous tumors like Fibroadenomas and Cysts and Abscess etc. And last but not the least, our utmost priority is Diagnosis and Treatments of Malignancies or cancers of the breast; We provide Best Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune; And for this very purpose we have the best & latest, state of the art technology, with us in association with Star Imaging and that is 3D Digital Mammography with tumour synthesis, high-resolution ultrasound with elastography, vacuum-assisted biopsy and resections and stereotactic biopsy.

After the diagnosis and treatment comes the part of rehabilitation and for the rehabilitation of patients with breast cancer, we have started a Lymphoedema Clinic. Lymphoedema is the arm swelling that can happen to patients with breast cancer after they undergo surgery and radiation when all their Lymph Nodes are removed.

So we have experts at Deccan Clinic who are running the Lymphoedema Clinic. They explain the steps to be taken for prevention and management of the Lymphoedema. Apart from this we also have a Genetic Clinic for counseling of patients who have a family history of breast cancer and for risk assessment and diagnosis and treatment of many cancers.

Author: Dr. Anupama Mane

(Breast Surgeon)

M.S (Gen. Surg), DHA

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