Dr. Amit Mulay

Plastic Surgeon in Pune

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon
MBBS, FCPS, DNB (General & Plastic Surgery)
MMC Reg No. – 2007/04/1104

Plastic Surgeon in Pune

Dr. Mulay is extensively well versed with the subspecialties of Plastic Surgery in Pune. In Australia, he was bestowed with the Young Investigator Award at the International Society of Burn Injuries (ISBI).

He specialises in reconstructive microsurgery and has been performing vascularised/free tissue transfers(Free Flaps). He has keen interest in breast reconstruction, hand surgery and cosmetic surgery of breast and nose.

Overall,Dr. Amit is a leading plastic surgeon in Pune.

Dr. Amit Mulay is specialist in following Surgeries


Though the terminologies might appear interchangeable plastic surgeries and cosmetic surgeries mainly differ in their philosophies and the end goal. Cosmetic surgery is strictly performed for aesthetic improvement of a persons body parts that are otherwise healthy and functional. The goal is only to enhance the appeal of the persons body by altering individual aspects and is performed only if a person is willing to. These procedures require trained plastic surgeons with apt knowledge of cosmetology such as our Dr. Amit Mulay.
Plastic surgery is performed as a surgical procedure on body parts that have lost their functionality or are deformed due to genetic defects, trauma, burns, or diseases. Its a medical necessity and not an elective option like cosmetic treatments. Only trained plastic surgeons can perform such surgeries to prevent or reduce an adverse condition. Breast cancer surgery, burn surgery, congenital defect repairs are a few examples of plastic surgeries. It is sometimes referred to as reconstructive surgery as well.
The main reason to be aware of this differentiation is that most plastic surgeries are covered by insurance policies, but most cosmetic surgeries are not.
With modern minimally invasive techniques and the use of anesthetics, the pain and discomfort that you might feel during your plastic surgery will be significantly lower in reality. In fact, you wont feel any presence of significant pain during the operation, while Dr. Mulay will prescribe a set of medications that will help subdue the pain during the healing period. However, since the level of pain one feels will differ based on several factors such as the type of surgery performed, anesthetics used, age, and individual pain tolerance, there is no way of saying exactly how much pain or discomfort you might feel. Our plastic surgeons are a better fit to help you understand this factor personally.
This question is more common than you think. Its easy to mistake the word plastic in plastic surgery and relate it to the synthetic plastic polymer used in daily life. It even creates a misperception that plastic surgeries might involve adding plastic substances to the body. The word plastic used for reconstructive surgeries is derived from a 200-year-old Greek word plastikos, which means to mold or reshape something. However, the first instance of its use has been noted back to the 6th century in the Indian ancient texts.
Rhinoplasty is a specialized surgery for reshaping various aspects of your nose. This includes removing some portions of it to make it smaller and leaner or adding tissue grafts to make it fuller, depending on the state of the nose. Though it is usually performed as cosmetic surgery for people who are not happy with their nose shape, it can also be performed as reconstructive plastic surgery for people who have suffered a nasal injury or developed a respiratory problem due to the shape of their nose.
The effects of plastic surgery can last for several years or even decades, but to make them last forever, you will require some extra effort to take. You see, as you age and your skin gets older, no matter which plastic surgery you have had, the results will gradually start to fade. The procedure performed, timely surgical touch-ups, regular skincare, and overall health are essential factors in maintaining your good looks. Dr. Amit Mulay can carefully guide you through all the best methods and tips to help your plastic surgery results last as long as possible.
Rhinoplasty performed by an experienced and professional plastic surgeon will have minimum chances of risks or complications later. Since the overall outcome of any plastic surgery majorly depends on the surgeons capabilities, choosing the right surgeon who is well adapt and renowned is crucial. Any good plastic surgeon will guide you through the entire rhinoplasty process and all the risks and complications involved before the surgery. Though these risks have greatly minimized due to modern surgical techniques, there are some potential complications you should be aware of, such as:
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Nasal Infection
  • Numbness or pain
  • Poor wound healing or scarring
  • Skin discoloration and swelling
  • Need for revisional surgery
  • Damage to the nasal septum
  • Breathing difficulties
  • As with any plastic or cosmetic surgery, the results of rhinoplasty or nose jobs are pretty long-lasting. There have been cases where nose job results have lasted for decades with proper skincare. But these results wont last forever by themselves as your facial muscles and skin elasticity changes as you get older. Hence, you will need occasional touch-up treatments to maintain the results in the future. Consult Dr. Amit Mulay to get a clearer idea of what your rhinoplasty would be like.
    The simple answer is NO. A nose job will not alter the sound of your voice. This is because your voice comes from the resonating air in the airway within the nose, and a rhinoplasty only operates on the superficial surface of the nose without altering its internal structure. Unless there is an abnormality in your airway, which is fixed, or you suffer an unexpected complication, your voice will not change after a nose job.
    There are no standard rates for such cosmetic surgeries, as there are several factors in play while performing these procedures. For a nose job, your average cost will vary based on the following factors:
  • The complexity of the nose job to be performed
  • The techniques required to perform it
  • The average fee of the plastic surgeon and the clinic
    If you wish to know how much your nose job would cost at Deccan Clinic, you can book an appointment with Dr. Amit Mulay and discuss all your aesthetic expectations.
  • Every surgery ideally requires a thorough physical evaluation of a patient to ensure that they are fit to have that surgery. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe a list of necessary tests and diagnoses based on your general health condition before plastic surgery. Psychological evaluation, on the other hand, is not a necessity for medical plastic surgeries. They are mostly performed for cosmetic surgery to ensure that the patient is rationally aware of what they are opting for and are making a sound decision of their own free will.