Male breast cancer is rare, and very few people are aware of the signs and symptoms. It is most common in older men, but can also occur at any age. Men diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage have a fair chance of getting cured.

Why is it hard to diagnose breast cancer in men?

Many women know how to look out for any sign of changes in their breasts that might indicate breast cancer. However, men lack awareness as there is less amount of tissue in male breast compared to the female breast tissue. Although the small amount of breast tissue makes it easier to detect the lumps, it also makes the cancerous cells spread faster in the body.


  • A lump in the breast which is often painless
  • Nipple retraction, ulceration, and discharge
  • Puckered skin or dimpling on the chest
  • Redness or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple

In case cancer remains untreated, it spreads and here are the symptoms to look for:

  • Swelling in and around the lymph glands and nearby underarms region
  • Pain in the bones

Treatment for Cancer in Men

A man diagnosed with breast cancer is recommended one of the following treatment options:

Mastectomy: In this process, our breast surgeon in Pune removes the whole breast 

Radiation Therapy: Some patients are recommended radiation therapy after the surgery to remove any remaining traces of cancer. 

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is recommended to prevent breast cancer in women and men from returning after the surgery. The treatment includes a drug that is often injected or taken by mouth to kill the cancer cells. 

Hormone Therapy: This is given to men who have hormone receptor-positive tumors.

What Causes Breast Cancer In Men? 

  • Genetic factors or a family history of developing breast cancer in men and women
  • Environmental factors – Age, exposure to radiation, alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity 

An Outlook

If a man acts on the above signs and symptoms at an early stage, there are many effective treatments to cure it. Since the disease is rare, our experts encourage people to remain aware of the symptoms and bring it to an expert’s knowledge as soon as possible. Visit the Deccan Clinic to know more about male breast cancer and its treatment options.

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