Gastrointestinal Oncology: The Complete Management

Gastrointestinal Oncology: The Complete Management

dr-sujay-hegadeGastrointestinal Oncology has been my passion since the beginning of my training and this is a field which is at the forefront of surgical innovation.

In the management of any person who has a G.I. Cancer or a Gastrointestinal Cancer, the most important part or the three pillars of management are, the Management itself or the Decision making, Implementation and Follow-up.

So when we talk in terms of management, the most important component remains, what we call as the MDT or the Multi-Disciplinary Tumor board; and we at Deccan Clinic make sure that all patients go through this MDT.

So what exactly is an MDT? An MDT is a Consol team of Doctors (in general layman terms) involving Surgical Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists and other associated or allied fields, who all get-together and make sure that the correct decision is taken and then go forward on this treatment options. So this particular way of treating patients has made sure that outcomes are better, Survival is better and the overall treatment remains ‘World Standard’.

Lastly, when we talk in terms of follow up, follow up implies two components, one is Rehabilitation of the patient, Second is what we call as making sure that the patient doesn’t have the same problem again or Preventive Oncology.

So when we talk in terms of Preventive Oncology, Genetics is a major part, specifically in G.I. Oncology, we have a dedicated genetic clinic at Deccan Clinic and we have councilors to guide you, as to how to manage this disease in a better way.

As far as other rehabilitative efforts are concerned, we have a Stoma clinic in our centre with a dedicated stoma nurse, who take care of our austomates and guide them and how to lead a normal name.

Author: Dr. Sujai Hegde

(Surgical Oncologist)

M.S, DNB, MRCS (Edinburgh)


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