5 Crucial Tips to Ensure Prompt & Safe Recovery After Rhinoplasty Surgery

From the moment you walk out of the surgery room after getting a nose job, you may experience several emotions at once. It may be the anxiety of knowing the results, the cautiousness of protecting your nose, or the excitement of looking at your new face. Whether you get it for a professional makeover or as a personal choice, nose jobs can take at least 6 to 10 months to heal and reflect results fully. So patience is vital for being rational and caring for your nose during the recovery period.

Whether you have your nose surgery in Pune or anywhere else, here are a few guidelines that every nose surgeon will ask you to keep in mind to ensure your safety and speed up your rhinoplasty recovery process:

Practicing Your Post Operative Instructions Thoroughly:

The precautionary guidelines that your surgeon will recommend will play a key role in ensuring apt recovery. You’ll be asked to use cold press packs over and around your eyes and cheeks to reduce the swelling and pain caused post-surgery.

It is also suggested that you sleep on your back with your head elevated over your heart level for at least six weeks. Sleeping on the sides may cause discomfort or even lead to dislocations in the nose.

Though online articles like this do have some essential rhinoplasty tips on recovery processes, these should not be considered as clinical guidelines that only your rhinoplasty surgeon will provide, so take them seriously.

Discussing Your Medications With Your Doctor:

Your doctor must have asked you to inform them about all your ongoing medications before surgery. Similarly, it would be best if you made it a point to discuss any medication with your doctor before consumption.

As you may already know, certain medicines can dilute our blood vessels, further hindering the healing process and cause bleeding from the wounds.

Doctors can help you find alternative medications that can treat your ongoing health conditions without impacting your healing capabilities.

Limiting Your Physical Activities:

Since your nasal musculoskeletal structure will be weak after the surgery, you’ll have to be extra cautious with your movements and daily activities.

Gyming, swimming, jogging, and any physical workouts are out of the question. The best you can do is walk steadily to stimulate blood flow in your body.

Avoid lifting things over your head or pressing your face against any surface. Prevent straining your facial muscles while conversing or passing bowels as it can stretch the surgical wounds on your nose.

Preventing Excess Sun Exposure:

You must take plenty of rest and avoid going outdoors, at least in the initial stages of the recovery process.

Excess sun exposure is well known to damage our skin and cause pigmentations, but it has a more detrimental effect on weak, healing skin. So exposing your unhealed nose to sunlight may trigger abnormal melanin production or scarring and swelling.

Avoiding Activities And Foods That May Irritate Your Nose:

We are all fidgety with our noses, but you must ensure that you are not, at least until recovery. Please make a list of things that may irritate your nose, such as spicy food, sweating, hot or chilling baths, certain odors, etc., and avoid them as much as possible.

If you have to sneeze, do it through your mouth, ensuring minimal strain on the nose. If your nose feels too congested, consult your doctor about using a saline nasal spray to moisturize your nasal passages gently.

Avoid wearing glasses that add extra weight over your nose bridge. You can buy contact lenses or lighter glass frames as substitutes until your nose regains its strength.

And lastly, avoiding smoking or drinking at all as they not only irritate your nose but also weaken your body’s healing ability.

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