4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon

Today, you can find a suitable cosmetic procedure to fix also any of your bodily aesthetics. But more often than not, we tend to focus our concern more on the advancements and final results of plastic surgery than the surgeon who performs it. For almost any plastic surgery you have, the overall abilities of the surgeon play a significant role. Your plastic surgeon in Pune can have any one of the several specializations within the field of plastic surgery.

Hence, if and when you plan to have a specific type of plastic surgery in Pune, you must be prudent and consider all of the following factors before finalizing your plastic surgeon:

Referrals & Reviews:

To get a considerable list of candidate surgeons, ask your physician, dentists, and other medical professionals who will have contacts or knowledge of well-known plastic surgeons in and around your city.

You can refer to online portals and forums which list all the necessary info about plastic surgeons in your area. Also, I prefer reading online reviews and testimonials to find surgeons who are highly recommended.

Qualifications & Experience:

Once you have a list of names, start narrowing down the list based on their qualifications and experience relevant to your specific surgery.

Apart from being a qualified plastic surgeon, s/he should also have specific specializations and experience in performing the kind of surgeries you’re planning to have.

There are multiple options available for performing the same surgery these days, and not every surgeon may be apt enough to excel in all of them. It’s best to prefer a plastic surgeon in Pune who is known to perform your desired surgery as frequently as weekly or monthly with multiple treatment approaches.

Clinical & Surgical Advancements:

Ultimately, a surgeon is as good as the tools and technologies he is equipped with. And a plastic surgeon needs to have ample experience with advanced surgical devices to yield the best results.

You may have to pay a visit to every candidate surgeon’s clinic, but it would help clarify that the clinic is well-maintained beforehand.

You can find different clinic websites to look for photos of equipment and surgery rooms and compare their capabilities.

Overall Cost Vs. Results:

It is important to refer to every surgeon’s surgical results to understand their claims’ efficacy and legitimacy. Most clinic websites display ‘before & after’ pictures and patient testimonials that distinguishingly show how satisfying the surgeon’s treatment results are.

It also helps you decide the surgeon is worth their average plastic surgery cost in Pune. Though the costs of plastic surgery depend on various factors such as the prominence of the clinic location, the tools and techniques involved, and the mandatory charges of the clinic facilities, a surgeon who is known to offer consistent best results are deemed more worthy of these costs.

Initial Consultation:

Having any body-altering surgery is a personal decision that you must take with your judgment.

For the final few candidate surgeons, visit them personally to discuss your aesthetic desire and learn how they can help you achieve it. You’ll also be able to judge how comfortable and reliable you feel with the particular surgeon’s approach.

At Deccan Clinic, our plastic surgeon in Pune helps each of their patients will detailed information about procedures and honest opinions on their efficacy and complications. What makes our clinic your best choice for having your plastic surgery in Pune is the very patient-oriented approach of our surgeons. You can even consult our surgeons online to ask any questions regarding your surgery before visiting our clinic.

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